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Explore Mexico city


Explore Mexico City - a city with so much to offer. For your convenience, we've given you suggestions of what you can see near our hotel. 

Inbursa Aquarium.jpeg

Inbursa Aquarium

Only 800 m. away from Hotel

The Inbursa Aquarium (Acuario Inbursa) is one of the largest in Latin America. It contains 5,000 marine creatures and more than 230 different species.

Soumaya Museum.jpeg

Soumaya Museum

Only 900 m. away from Hotel

The Soumaya Museum offers one of the most important private art collections in Latin America, with more than 30 centuries of art.

National Museum of Anthropology

 Museum of Anthropology

2,8 km away from Hotel

The museum was inaugurated in 1964 and designed by architect Pedro Ramirez Vasquez. The building consists of 23 rooms and covers an area of ~8 ha.

Chapultepec Castle .jpeg

Chapultepec Castle

3,5 km away from Hotel

The castle has such unique views and terraces that the explorer James F. Elton wrote: "Its beauty cannot be surpassed in any part of the world."

Zocalo Square.webp

Zocalo Square

8 km away from Hotel

Zócalo is the common name for Mexico's main central square. Until the colonial period, it was the main ceremonial centre in the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan.

Colorful Dome

Palace of Fine Arts

8 km away from Hotel

 It has hosted some of Mexico's most famous music, dance, theatre, opera and literary events, as well as important exhibitions of painting, sculpture and photography.

If you are interested and want to know more about beautiful country of Mexico and its culture, events or gastronomy,  we recommend you to visit official website  more about  tourism in Mexico.

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